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Women who run for weight control may lose perspective on what is an appropriate body size. A recent survey of thousands of women found that while 44 per cent of respondents were overweight, 73 per cent thought they were.

Runners in Action
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Think Big, Dream Big, Believe Big, and the results will be Big!

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This program is individualized for any runner. Are you trying to find a way to fit exercise into your day? Do you want to experience the joy of running a road race? Are you looking to improve your times for the 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon? I can work with you.

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Welcome to Runners In Action personalized on line coaching for runners of all levels with an emphasis on personal attention to goals. Runners In Action gives runners the opportunity to reach personal goals according to their indidvidual running abilities. Whether the goal is for fitness, completing your first race, or attempting to reach that personal best time. Are you interested in starting a running program to achieve personal fitness or weight loss? Are you attempting a personal best time for a 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon? Are you a non seasoned or seasoned runner who could use some accountability and encouragement? You've come to the right place.



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